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PK++ Mod for Painkiller

Date: 15:44 16/05/2005


FIX: Simplehud switch weapons is now reflected in the HUD
FIX: Console now works in menu (PCF bug)
FIX: Blackedition now shows PK++ 'desktop'
ADD: Cfg.DirectInput allows setting of directinput/windowsinput for mouse and keyboard. \directinput from console.
ADD: Simplehudshadow to toggle font shadowing on simplehud
ADD: PK++ GUI options for text shadowing
ADD: Cfg.TeamScoresShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowFPSShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowPingShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Cfg.ShowTimerShadowLevel for custom shadowing level
ADD: Blowfish command from console to load up a sample config (remember to back-up your own config first)
ADD: TextureQuality command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityArchitecture command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityCharacters command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualitySkies command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: TextureQualityWeapons command from console. Range 0-31
ADD: Cfg.HitSounds | \HitSounds for disabling hit sounds
ADD: Cfg.NoGong | \NoGong to remove gong sound per minute (voice sounds remain)
ADD: Cfg.NoMPComments | \NoMPComments to remove MP death commentry (initial respawn comment remains; 'fight' etc.)
ADD: Cfg.BrightSkins | \BrightSkins to disable brightskins
CHANGE: Restartmap re-enabled at end-of-match
CHANGE: Some HUD text slight position changes
CHANGE: Teamscores tidy
NOTE: Weapon switch using mousewheel seems to work best using Cfg.WheelSensitivity = 3


FIX: Shotgun ammo now showing in specmode
FIX: Player demos are named from POV player first - does not apply to spectator demos
FIX: Restartmap during final scoreboard causing spectator lockout
ADD: Minimal self-integrity and validation check
ADD: Public notification on server when a non-pk++ client is being used. Cfg.ImpureClientWarning | ImpureClientWarning 1/0
ADD: TeamScoresShadow | Cfg.TeamScoresShadow for font shadow
ADD: ShowPingX ShowPingY | Cfg.ShowPingX Cfg.ShowPingY for ShowPing position.
ADD: playdemo and recorddemo command aliases
CHANGE: Text shadow effects increased slightly - optional to disable for each HUD item
CHANGE: Small position changes on some HUD items
CHANGE: Quad respawn time set to 2 minutes


CHANGE: Minor alteration to rocketfix based on mass public testing. Tweaking now locked.
ADD: \MOTD - sets the server MOTD from the console (intended for use with rcon)
ADD: \PitabotEnabled [1/0] | Cfg.PitabotEnabled - sets pitabot server component active/inactive.
FIX: Forcejoin/Forcespectator server bug fixes


CHANGE: Support for PCF version 1.64
CHANGE: Cfg.RocketFix default set to true
FIX: Pitabot minor fix for players joining game
FIX: Removed temptation to add old changelog to current version to make it seem more
FIX: Freezer is now showing on simplehud
FIX: Ammobackground is now working correct on simplehud
ADD: \version command to check local PK++ version
ADD: DisableHud [0/1] disables hud for map images
ADD: \camerayaw | \camerapitch for mapper image support

ADD: Orange and Pink options for brightskins
CHANGE: Low gfx effects re-enabled
FIX: Low gfx settings causing gradual fps loss
FIX: PCF bug, decal stay time set to 'Off' failed to save to config
ADD: \nodecals [0/1] for toggling decal rendering ingame
ADD: Cfg.ShowTimerShadow, Cfg.ShowFPSShadow, Cfg.ShowPingShadow added


ADD: Cfg.RocketFix option for ProPlus rocket fix in non-ProPlus gamemode
ADD: Cfg.FallingDamage option for falling damage removal
ADD: Cfg.AutoScreenshot | \autoscreenshot [0/1] Takes screenshot 5 seconds after match end
FIX: Restartmap/Reloadmap respawning players during process
FIX: Autorecord naming errors
FIX: Overtime in tdm faulty
FIX: Bot respawning crashing server in some circumstances
FIX: Allready command malfunctioning
FIX: Bots continuing match play
FIX: PCF mode rockets
CHANGE: MOTD now shows server version and rocketfix on/off
CHANGE: Low gfx, No* effects temporarily disabled (don't panic - they will be enabled later)


ADD: WarmUp damage, 100/200, item pickup, infinite ammo, all weapons - \warmupdamage 0/1
ADD: ProPlus PK Rocket Jump fix! \rocketfactor and \rocketfactororder. Test differences on dedicated server. See included document and readme.
ADD: \serverpassword - sets server password.
ADD: Advanced PiTaBOT Scorebot Support -
ADD: MOTD Support for servers. Set in Cfg.MOTD, semicolon for line return
ADD: Hitsounds / killsounds in spectator HUD
ADD: Console commands/netsettings gui disable, Cfg.TournamentSettings = true/false
ADD: Low graphics settings -
ADD: NoExplosions [0/1]
ADD: NoBlood [0/1]
ADD: NoGibs [0/1]
ADD: NoSmoke [0/1]
ADD: NoSpawnEffects [0/1]
ADD: NoFlames [0/1]
FIX: Teamscores not resetting correctly on clients
FIX: Initial health/armour in warmup incorrect until first hit
FIX: PCF TIMER BUG! Items were not respawning on time because of PCF coding
FIX: Bots cheating in Voosh
FIX: Non-daily log file missing file extension
FIX: Extremely rare overtime bug
FIX: Minor map restart issues
CHANGE: Minor reformatting on weapon statistics
CHANGE: Faster authenication for PK++ clients on servers
CHANGE: Duelqueue tweaked (tied game doesn't exchange players)
CHANGE: Rcon / Ref, confirmation / errors returned to client
CHANGE: Bot respawn set a fraction longer


ADD: Rcon, Cfg.RconPass | \rconpass on client and server, then \rcon on client
ADD: Referee. Like rcon but only on callvote-allowed commands. Referees can be callvoted, or use RefPass in the same way as RconPass.
ADD: Optional coloured icons for hud Cfg.ColouredIcons | \colouredicons [0/1]
ADD: Optional desaturated-colour scoreboard Cfg.AltScoreboard | \altscoreboard [0/1]
ADD: Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocation = true/false , Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationX, Cfg.CustomCrosshairLocationY
ADD: Restartmap , starts new map without reloading the map (or optionally \restartmap)
ADD: Cfg.BotQuickRespawn added for quicker bot respawn
ADD: Cfg.BotFakePing (visual only)
ADD: \saferespawn [0/1]
ADD: Forcespec / Cfg.Forcespec - forces newcomers to a game into specmode regardless of join type
ADD: Cfg.AutoTeamLock = true/false - Automatically locks the teams in the last second on pre-match count down
ADD: TeamLock | teamlock [0/1] - keeps specs from joining game.
ADD: \exec | \writeconfig added
ADD: Scoreboard packetloss Cfg.ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [true/false] | \ScoreboardShowPacketLoss [0/1]
ADD: DuelQueue (Cfg.DuelQueue), will swap loser with spec who has waited longest on starting a new map
ADD: Cfg.AutoStatsDump - Dumps the weapon stats to a file (on server or client).
ADD: ammolisthideweapons [0/1] (Cfg.AmmolistHideWeapons = true/false) Hides missing weapons.
FIX: Ping issues on PK++ server
FIX: Map change code tweak (related to autorecord)
FIX: Demolist
FIX: Crosshairsize now works correct from the menu
FIX: Armour not showing in spectator mode in simplehud
FIX: Bots stubbing noses in fights on corners
CHANGE: Bot goal location movement tweak
CHANGE: Cfg.CrosshairNamesDisabledInDuel added
CHANGE: Game uses restartmap for normal map changes
CHANGE: botminplayers logic tweaked
CHANGE: Falling damage removed from ProPlus mode
CHANGE: Logfile now based per day rather than per server restart per day
CHANGE: StatsDump fixed to request latest stats


FIX: Font sizes tweaked on scoreboard for 'lower' resolutions and 'high' resolutions.
FIX: DM_Mine loc file corruption
FIX: Small ProPlus telefrag bug
ADD: Timer position control Cfg.ShowTimerX/Cfg.ShowTimerY | \ShowTimerX \ShowTimerY
ADD: TeamOverlay position control Cfg.TeamOverlayX/Cfg.TeamOverlayY | \TeamOverlayX \TeamOverlayY
ADD: Teamscores position control Cfg.TeamScoresX/Cfg.TeamScoresY | \TeamScoresX \TeamScoresY
ADD: TeamOverlay width control Cfg.TeamOverlayW | \Cfg.TeamOverlayX
ADD: Timer font size control Cfg.ShowTimerFontSize | \ShowTimerFontSize
ADD: Teamscores font size control Cfg.TeamScoresFontSize | \TeamScoresFontSize
ADD: Teamoverlay font size control Cfg.TeamOverlayFontSize | \TeamOverlayFontSize


FIX: Bug with ProPlus callvote taking time to update clients / sometimes not working
FIX: Autorecord fixed
FIX: Bots voting bug
ADD: Old Scoreboard support, Cfg.OldScoreboard = true/false, and \oldscoreboard 1/0
ADD: 'Soft' item tracking for bot - Cfg.BotFindItems = true
FIX: Some minor GUI issues
ADD: HUD ping, Cfg.ShowPing = true/false and \showping 1/0
ADD: SimpleHUD for specmode
FIX: Config based FPS limit 125->150
ADD: SimpleHud command added


ADD: Bots for online and offline play (!)
ADD: Backwards/Forwards compatible network protocol layer*
ADD: Specmode fix, info in HUD*
ADD: New specmode camera modes: followcam, staticcam, autocam
ADD: Mapview, HLTV style bird's eye view while in spec
ADD: Map loading screens
ADD: New scoreboards for tdm, ffa, duel
ADD: Team overlay with loc file support
ADD: Crosshairnames
ADD: Logging for server and client
ADD: Weapon Stats*
ADD: Forcemodel
ADD: Allready / breakmatch
ADD: Simplehud
ADD: New crosshairs
ADD: New hitsounds/killsounds
ADD: Direct input on/off modes
ADD: Test arena warmup map
ADD: Match overtime
ADD: ProPlus mode, 150dmg stake, no telefrags, 50% bronze protection, 25% increase in stake-nade blast
CHANGE: Fragmessages
CHANGE: Game fonts
ADD: Eliza module for hybrid bot 'chat'
ADD: New hitsounds/killsounds
CHANGE: Teleport radius and stakenade dmg strength inline with CPL requirements*
CHANGE: SafeRespawns added

*requires PK++ installed on server.**
** NOTE: It will take up to 20 seconds for you to auth with a PK++ server, be patient! Once authed you will recieve stats and info in spec HUD.

PK++ (Internal)

CHANGE: Bots now retain names between maps/adds during game sesssion and kicks
CHANGE: Bots 'bored' time decreased
CHANGE: Bots level 10 turn speed decreased
CHANGE: Bots range-based weapons tweaked

PK++ (CPL Turkey Edition)

FIXED: Changing brightskins in GUI
FIXED: Timer not moving to center
FIXED: Frag messages not showing correctly
FIXED: Chaingun sound(?) - may be still b0rked
FIXED: Sticking to walls
ADD: 'Steamfish' - auto download tool (resides in Data as Updater.exe)
ADD: Frag messages
ADD: Ability to view demos in recordings folder with '\demolist'
ADD: New console command '\users' - lists players in server, along with ping/status
ADD: On-screen PLAYER VS PLAYER text in warmup
ADD: New options to GUI - frag messages/timer pos/etc
ADD: New startup screen
ADD: New background for GUI
ADD: Multi language support
ADD: Locked down console - in version sent to CPL only.
CHANGE: Spectator text
CHANGE: Moved warmup text
CHANGE: Optimized Hud icons for better performance


FIXED: PROHUD not rendering correctly
FIXED: PROHUD not showing SMG
FIXED: overtime not working in Duel mode
ADD: Overtime to listen server GUI
ADD: 1.61 support


ADD: hitsound
ADD: killsound
ADD: fov, timer and brightskins to GUI
ADD: overtime

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